Parents & Educators – Stay tuned!

Dear Friends,

If you engage with young children and would like to assist in their literacy development, “Nuggets for the Awakened Educator” may be a valuable resource for you. This monthly blog will provide you with resources and suggestions that will help you assist young readers become confident in their independent reading skills. If you believe, as I do, in the power of knowledge to change reality, I welcome you to subscribe and engage with this valuable community of like minded educators.

The first Blog entry in this series will be published on May 1st, 2023.

Stay blessed!🌹

L. Malungu

5 Comments on “Parents & Educators – Stay tuned!”

  1. I love reading anything L. Malungu writes. She’s has a very creative way to make learning fun. Her work truly inspires me.

    • I am truly grateful for your vote of confidence, and value the opportunity to co-create in this forum with passionate educators such as yourself.

  2. Dr.Mulungu is a born writer .She is a highly talented and accomplished academic and writer .I love her writing .She has excellent Peoples’skill and she stole the hearts of everyone when she visited our campus at Amity university to attend a conference as a Keynote speaker ,in April.We woul love to see you again.

  3. Further to my previous comment I would like to add that she gifted me a copy of her book’Marcus King of Dandelions’..Not only I but all ny collegues loved reading it.Do write more and more .

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