About the Author

As an educator and educational researcher, L. Malungu is concerned that our youngest, media savvy generation are losing the chance to experience the magic of reading, preferring instead to rely on a more passive, media-rich exposure to literature — while entertaining, movies are someone else’s interpretation of a story.

She has never forgotten how her own love for reading was ignited, at the age of 5 during her first visit to the school library, when the librarian whispered in her ear — “Reading is magic, and opens the door to everything and anything you want to learn!”

Reading not only enables us…

  • to envision realities outside of our familiar surroundings,
  • to meet, have an affinity for, and empathize with characters who face challenges similar or not so similar to those we may be experiencing ourselves,
  • to access world views and perceptions we may never have considered,
  • to expand vocabulary,

but much more importantly, it provides us the opportunity to hone our creative, visualization skills. Like muscles that are not exercised and lose strength — creative visualization if not practiced and developed can experience atrophy as well.