About the Book

Marcus – King of the Dandelions

Similar to many of my readers, Marcus loves life and the world he lives in. He doesn’t mind getting dirty, strives to make others happy and enjoys a great adventure!

In a world that appears increasingly more complex and fast-paced, this book is a gentle reminder that we should all take time to realize the natural beauty that exists around us – even that which we may consider mundane.

Marcus Meets a Friend

This book invites young readers to explore their natural world and experience its wonders through the eyes of its loveable protagonist.

The syllabic highlighting of text provides young readers greater ease in applying phonetic understanding to decode new vocabulary.

The rich vocabulary is intentional, and awakens the mind to an exciting linguistic adventure that will be experienced by the young reader as a challenge overcome.

It is the author’s heartfelt desire that this story be an initial spark igniting a life-long passion for reading and unlocking the power of literacy for its readers.